Non-Fungible Tokens

  • Services offered by the Company in lieu of Non-Fungible Tokens
  • The User is aware that the platform possesses multiple dimensions inclusive of but not limited to community building, social interactions, online merchandise shopping, NFT build-up and virtual hot body competition.
  • The Company aims to create an influencers’ platform wherein a fitness enthusiast can build their own Aggregate, interact with similar individuals, build a network, build a profile purporting to sell or endorse in varied brands subsequent to procuring recognition and any other alike aspect which is amended as and when over the due course of time.
  • The Company shall not be held liable upon happening or non-happening of any or all of the following events, namely:
  • Any hacking, or an act of god (failed mint) from NFT;
  • Any actions related to the performance of Ethereum Blockchain, Conversion of Fiat into Ethereum during sale of NFT Minting Performance, marketing of artwork or costs;
  • On the event of any sort of computer hacking, i.e. an event wherein the artwork has been stolen from the Artist’s wallet after minting, or for any failed transaction as a result of sales;
  • For any misuse of service, such as the usage of artwork for nefarious purposes;
  • If the minting of NFT artwork fails due to insufficient gas fee the cost of the gas fee, then such losses shall be borne by the Artist;
  • Any other act which takes place or purports to take place by the natural forces or a pandemic-like situation or any other circumstance mutually regarded as irreparable.